An organization’s most valuable assets are its employees and their collective knowledge. Your company benefits when you invest in people by attracting, retaining, and developing quality employees.

Tendoors’ instructional design consultants work with your department managers and executive leadership to help develop talent and performance management practices. They are well-versed in the latest trends in talent management, including social media and mobile devices. They are also knowledgeable in other methodologies, including the competitive assessment model and the coaching and development model.


Many of our consultants have blended learning experience, while others specialize in eLearning, mobile learning (mLearning), informal learning, instructor-led training (ILT), or a combination thereof. Our consultants can conduct needs analyses to identify the appropriate training solutions, then develop and deliver them.

Classroom Training (ILT)

Tendoors’ instructional design consultants understand the business impact of taking employees from their everyday duties to attend classroom training—whether in a physical or virtual environment.

Our consultants maximize your workforce learning experience by designing courses that make learning effective, memorable, and focused on meeting business objectives. Instructor-led training (ILT) as well as virtual ILT (vILT) may include pre-work for participants, hands-on training in a lab environment, or role plays and case studies.


Computer- and web-based training has matured rapidly in the past few years. eLearning may be delivered by an instructor or be self-paced. Tendoors consultants know the capabilities of each eLearning tool and their applicability to your company’s specific training needs. We have hands-on experience with the authoring software used in many corporate training departments, including iSpring, Captivate, and Articulate, as well as many lesser known tools. Our consultants are forward-thinking instructional designers who develop innovative “serious learning games” for corporate training.

Mobile Learning

Employees who are on-the-go for business can take advantage of learning offered on portable technologies such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile learning (mLearning) can be accessed anywhere: in the office, at the airport, or on the plane. Tendoors’ consultants have the technical and instructional design know-how to integrate mLearning into the blend, and create productive, meaningful learning experiences.

Informal Learning/Social Learning

Our instructional designers use social media tools (e.g., blogs, wikis, podcasting, and media libraries) to create a collaborative learning environment, where a community of learners can grow into a Community of Practice.

Blended Learning

After conducting a thorough training needs analysis, our instructional designers can create blended learning solutions that use two or more training delivery mediums or use different types of learning activities to facilitate learning. Blended learning may be an appropriate solution to meet participants’ time constraints or incorporate different learning styles.

Content Development

Tendoors’ content development consultants will work with your subject matter experts to produce instructionally sound course content within the parameters of the course design.

Content Types

Fulfill the training needs of all your employees. Our consultants can leverage their subject matter expertise and industry knowledge to develop relevant L&D and training content for your organization’s human capital.


Develop tailored training solutions that meet your organization’s strategic goals and match your corporate culture. Tendoors’ instructional designers have backgrounds in sales training, are certified in industry-recognized sales methodologies, and have experience in many industries, including information technology, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, retail, consumer products, and more.

Customer Service

Sustain and grow your customer base. Tendoors instructional design consultants understand how important your customer service representatives are to overall business performance. Whether your operation is a call-center or a face-to-face environment, our consultants deliver training that ensures superior customer service.

Informal Learning/Social Learning

Our instructional designers use social media tools (e.g., blogs, wikis, podcasting, and media libraries) to create a collaborative learning environment, where a community of learners can grow into a Community of Practice.

New Hire Orientation

Prepare employees for their new positions, enhance their acculturation, and boost their productivity on the job. Our instructional design consultants are specialists in new-hire orientation and induction training. They will develop effective ‘on boarding’ training that reduces turnover and grows your talent base.


Tendoors has the instructional design expertise to help you reach productivity and performance goals. Our consultants work with your subject matter experts to design training that imparts complex technical information in a structured way to improve understanding and aid knowledge and skills retention.

Whether you need to develop end-user training or provide product training to sales teams, our instructional designers will help you provide an effective learning solution.